BAD GIRLFRIEND: LOLA COCA Women, April 1, 2016

Lola Coca

We all know a girl that seems to have it all – beauty, brains and talent – and singer Lola Coca is one of them. She’s a beautiful brunette with model-looks who just happens to have a knack for singing, too.

Lola describes her music as “frank, fun and colourful”, which sums it up quite well: Bad
Girlfriend is kooky, honest and funny, with cheeky lyrics that remind me of early Lily Allen crossed with M.I.A (“I think it’s important [for girls] to know [their]ย own opinions”). She’s feisty, cute and her debut singleย has even got the seal of approval from MTV.

By Chloe

Growing up, she wanted a job where she could be creative. And when it comes to the Lola Coca ‘brand’ and image, it’s as creative as you can imagine – loud, girly and lots of pink; she dresses a bit like a sixth Spice Girl. “Being an only child, you learn to entertain yourself, and I feel like I’m still doing that,” she says.

She began her working lifeย as a London-based model, landing some great jobs including Espirit, but she insists modelling wasn’t what she actually set out to do. “It’s funny,” she says, “I wouldn’t say I had a career as a model. I was working many jobs, including modelling, for around five years whilst working on my music.”

Lola Coca

Like a lot of creatives, jobs like modelling helped support her as she worked on her music. But there does seem to be a theme with her job choices. “I always enjoyed the jobs that were character or performance related,” she says. Lola Coca is a character in herself; the sexy and naughty kind of girl you wish you could be friends with.

Lola Coca

I ask her what advice she has for girls wishing to become models. “You are, and could be, so much more than your outer beauty.” ย In other words, focus on developing your talents and skills, rather than on your looks.

Finally, I ask, is she a Bad Girlfriend or Good Girlfriend? “You already know!” she says. And I’m pretty sure I do.


BIRTHDAY: 27th January
STARSIGN: Aquarius
FAVE COLOUR: Currently pink, with my all time favourite being turquoise
FAVE FOOD: Breakfasts

You can listen to Lola Coca’s Soundcloud here.

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