SUMMER LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE Naughty, August 29, 2016

Lemon drizzle cake

I love homemade recipes, especially traditional British ones, and after I had the biggest craving for lemon drizzle cake, I just had to bake one!

I used real lemons for this and recommend you do the same. If you have some zest left over, it might be nice to sprinkle on top of the icing, too.

FYI – for a perfect sponge, always make sure your butter/flour/sugar ratio is exactly the same.

Lemon drizzle cake

Sponge Ingredients:

3 large eggs
170g self-raising flour
170g caster sugar
170g unsalted butter
2 lemon zests

Drizzle Ingredients:

Juices of 2 lemons you tested
110g powdered sugar

Lemon drizzle cakeLemon drizzle cakeLemon drizzle cake


  1. Grease a loaf tin and pre-heat your oven to 180C.
  2. Mix your sponge ingredients together and pour into your loaf pan. Cook for 40 minutes on a middle tray until your sponge is brown.
  3. Check your cake is ready by sticking a knife through the middle. If the knife comes out clean, it means it’s cooked.
  4. Whilst you let your cake cool on the side, mix your drizzle ingredients together.
  5. Pour your drizzle over the cake and let it harden. Serve :)

Lemon drizzle cake

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