chocolate slabs

I absolutely love chocolate. I especially love Hotel Chocolat, a luxury British confectioners who just happen to sell the most mouth-watering chocolate known to man.

What I don’t like, however, is the Hotel Chocolat price tag. At £16 for a large chocolate slab, it is somewhat overpriced. So why not make a replica at home for less than half the price?

For my slab, I’ve used Divine milk and dark chocolate, which not only tastes beautiful, but also has a beautiful ethic behind it. They’re a Fairtrade company helping African farmers and one of their missions is to help support, empower and train female cocoa farmers, who would otherwise struggle to get a job.Divine chocolate bars Of course, you can use whatever brands and flavours you’d like: the combinations for your slab are endless! It can be as healthy or unhealthy as you’d like (there is nothing wrong with 75%+ dark chocolate – there have actually been many proven health benefits). I personally like taking the broken-up pieces around with me on castings for little boosts of energy.

I’m sure you won’t need a recipe for this, but in case you do, here you go…


– 2-3 bars of whatever chocolate you like
– Nuts, raisins or other little decorations and toppings


1. Melt the first bar of chocolate in a glass bowl over the hob, then pour on one side of a glass or plastic container.

Melting chocolate

2. Melt the second bar, then pour onto the other side of the container.

3. Using a fork, drag it through the chocolate so that you create pretty swirls and patterns.homemade chocolate

4. Scatter your decorations on top and set in the fridge for 2 hours, or until hard. Once hardened, break into smaller pieces.

homemade chocolate

homemade chocolate

homemade chocolate

chocolate slabs

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