I tend to favour recipes that look complicated as I like the challenge of making them. But whilst time-consuming, I was actually surprised at how easy these chocolate scotch eggs were to make.

You’re likely to only eat half of one as they’re quite rich and chocolatey, but I like how there’s a slight Heston Blumenthal element to them – they make an excellent talking point (and people think you’re a genius in the kitchen)!

P.S. If you can bear to listen to my annoying voice, scroll down to the bottom to watch a video of me making them :)


– 5 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
– 8 chocolate muffins (I like them with chocolate chips)
– 120g/1 cup slightly salted butter at room temperature
– 3 tbsp cocoa powder (a sachet of hot chocolate works just fine)
– 1 cup icing sugar
– 400g chocolate bar of your choice



1. Crumble all of the muffins into a bowl until the crumbs are really fine. I used my fingers, but it’d be quicker to use an electric mixer.

2. In a separate bowl, beat the butter, cocoa powder & icing sugar together until it forms a yummy, creamy buttercream.

3. Once you’ve formed the buttercream, pour half of the muffin crumbs into the mixture and begin mixing the two together. Slowly add more crumbs (but not all of them!) until the mixture is a thick, mouldable consistency.



4. Take your Creme eggs and begin moulding the crumb/buttercream mixture around it to form a round ball. Try your best to position the egg in the middle. Do this with all of the Creme eggs and chill in the fridge for 20-40 minutes.

5. Whilst the balls are cooling in the fridge, begin melting half the chocolate bar in a bowl over the hob. Once melted, leave to the side so that it is cool, but still spreadable.

6. Grate some of the leftover chocolate into the bowl of muffin crumbs. This will form the rough outer layer of your “scotch egg”.

7. Take the balls out of the fridge – they should be quite hard by now. Brush the melted chocolate all over and start sprinkling the leftover muffin and chocolate crumbs on top.

8. Put the balls back into the fridge for another hour or so, until they are rock hard. They should sound like rocks when you hit them against the surface!

9. Leave them on the side to reach room temperature (this will stop the Creme eggs from being too hard to cut through) and then slice in half. Best served with a cup of tea!


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