By Chloe: Vegan Restaurant Life, April 11, 2016

By Chloe

It doesn’t take a lot to excite me, but By Chloe is by far my most favourite restaurant EVER. Everything, from its location in Greenwich Village, to the beautiful packaging and the healthy food, is dreamy, with an allegiance of fans across New York. It’s hard to imagine that a vegan restaurant could ever be this popular, or this stylish.

The restaurant was packed full when I visited, with a queue for the food forming around the block. I waited around twenty minutes just to reach the order desk. But by gosh, was it worth it.

By ChloeBy Chloe

It’s non-greasy, filling and you can’t help but feel you’re eating quality produce. Even the dips are vegan (the pink “ketchup” is made from beetroot and vinegar). Unlike most fast food joints, you leave the restaurant feeling healthy.

There’s dishes suitable for lunch, brunch and everything in-between, with plenty of gluten-free options and sweet treats for dessert. In fact, Chloe’s cookies and cakes have become so popular, that she’s even opening a vegan bakery right next door.

By Chloe

These ‘Fancy Fries’ were amazing, but the regular fries and sweet potato versions were just as tasty!

There are numerous drinks available, including pure coconut water (stamped with the ‘By Chloe’ logo), as well as naturally pressed juices and smoothies. My favourite is the homemade Matcha Lemonade!

By Chloe

If you’re on your first visit, I’d thoroughly recommend you try the Guac Burger: a vegan pattie sandwiched between a brioche bun with salad, avocado and chipotle sauce. But if a burger or taco is too filling, you can always opt for one of their delicious (and reasonably priced) salads.

By Chloe

If veganism tastes as good as this, I truly wonder why I haven’t converted yet.

By Chloe

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