BLUESTONE LANE COFFEE Life, March 29, 2016

Bluestone Lane

There seems to be a host of Australian cafes in New York, serving a range of healthy, Instagram-worthy dishes. After reading raving reviews, I ventured out to Bluestone Lane’s Collective Cafe, a light and airy cafe in the West Village, to see what all the fuss was about.

With three cafes in New York, Bluestone appears to be leading the way in the Australian cuisine scene. The menu is relatively simple (their avocado on toast is a speciality), but it comes beautifully presented, tastes delicious and their coffee is renowned for being one of the city’s best.

Not only that, but the cafe seems to attract an array of beautiful people – numerous Victoria’s Secret models are fans – so the food wasn’t the only thing I was gawping at whilst I was there 😉

Bluestone Lane

I opted for the ‘Brekkie’ – a wooden slab serving muesli with raspberries, coconut pieces and nuts on one side, and half an avocado on sourdough toast on the other ($16). For an additional $3, you can get a poached egg on top of the avocado, which was beautifully runny.

Bluestone LaneBluestone Lane

Perhaps I should have visited when I was hungrier, because it was too much for me to finish that day, but needless to say it’s now one of my favourite spots.

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